The Summit in a Nutshell

With its unique style of creative and strategic planning the show will open a door of opportunity to all its attendees. The summit will throw light on various world’s best investment plans and strategies and will give a platform where you can learn from the top investors how they are positioning their portfolios and discussing new investment products and trends.

Being a potential platform for networking and conducting business, the investment summit will be a platform to the top investors and investment seekers to discuss the cost-cutting measures, regulatory reforms, investor opportunities and investor needs. Do you have a cutting-edge investment scheme? Are you really willing to secure your money making right investment? If yes then “5th Annual Arab Investment Summit 2016” is a ‘must attend’ show for you. You say “time is money”…we add “opportunity is money”…REGISTER NOW


 Diversification is on Demand

Sports Investment…the newly introduced section…
Investors in these uncertain economic times are looking for stability and predictability when they decide to invest extra money. Diversification is always a trendy choice for both investors and investment seekers in this competitive market. Diversification helps protect capital from the wild swings of the market, while achieving long-term growth at the same time.
Abu Dhabi is the home to Ferrari World, world’s largest indoor amusement park. The park is packed with innumerable sports and amusement activities and is attended by thousands of visitors daily. The gross outline area of the arcade level is equivalent to approximately 15 American Football fields. Such is the craze of sports and amusement in Abu Dhabi.
Abu Dhabi Golf Club is home to the annual European Tour-backed Abu Dhabi Golf Championship and is managed by Troon Golf, one of the sport’s foremost luxury brands.
Considering this investing proposition“6thAnnual Arab Investment Summit” will provide you with some extraordinarily beneficial sector to invest in, and one of such is “sports investment”. Sports have been an ever flourished sector in the UAE. Most rational investors would argue this as a convincing value proposition.
The UAE is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. This place attracts everyone without limits ranging from residents to investors. The UAE is a sporting paradise. Participatory sports are popular throughout the country. Sports like Football, Golf, Equestrian Sports, Tennis, Motor Sports, Water sports, Cricket and Rugbyare among the immensely popular sports in the UAE. Sports sponsorship is also a major focus of UAE companies and organizations and has proven to be extremely successful in heightening international awareness of the country.
The expatriate community brought their love of sports with them to the UAE. Sports are played in a number of clubs throughout the Emirates. Major tournaments in the UAE have become significant international events over the years. With its increased economic vision the UAE’s sports segment have increased its popularity and considered to be a lucrative segment to invest in.